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Louis Roederer, Collection, brut, white (gift box) 0.75L

Le 55.90
Le 55.90

A new ambition, a desire for freedom, prompts us today to open a new chapter in the history of our house with Collection. Created from the Réserve Perpétuelle and the Réserve wines aged in wood, supplemented with the best wines of a harvest, the Cuvée Collection is deeply anchored in our roots and the foundation of our house in Reims. Freedom characterizes this wine composition, which arises from what nature entrusts to us.

 This champagne proves to be a great multi-vintage blend for connoisseurs and a worthy representative of the Louis Roederer house. Collection's number allows all wine lovers and collectors to select their wine according to their own preferences in terms of age and maturity. The number under the term Collection refers to the number of vintages of the House of Louis Roederer since its founding in 1776, and allows the vintage to be calculated that results in the base wine for this cuvée (e.g. the 2017 vintage is the basis for the first edition of Collection—the Collection 242).

Taste: From the outset, Brut Premier affirms its personality and seduction: the texture is full and generous and, in a fairly unexpected way, integrates characteristics of maturity associated with fruitier and more refreshing notes. The wine has a fresh festive finesse… In the mouth, the wine has structure, richness and length. It is a full, complex wine that is both modern and powerful, whilst remaining a great classic." Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon