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Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac

Le 2,171.00
Le 2,171.00

1L 40%

One of the world's favourite VSOPs. The Rémy Martin VSOP is acclaimed for its pedigree and smooth taste. The ultimate versatility of Fine Champagne, which will lift your drink to new heights.

Taste: Blend: Cognac Fine Champagne, 55% Grande Champagne, 45% Petite Champagne. Colour: Vibrant gold. Aromas and flavours: Fruity notes: the roundness of summer fruits, especially ripe apricots and peaches. Floral notes: the impertinence of wild flowers, particularly violets. Oaky notes: predominantly vanilla, with a hint of liquorice. Texture: Silky. Finish: A perfectly balanced blend of ripeness.