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Courvoisier XO Cognac

Le 6,420.00
Le 6,420.00

1L 40%

XO symbolises the opulence of the House of Courvoisier. XO pays homage to all terroirs of the region using carefully selected eaux de vie matured between 11 and 25 years. The celebration of the House, honouring the srt of blending, XO's complex and exuberant symphony of flavours elevates the special occasions and achievements that bring us together with family, friends and business associates.

Taste: Colour; amber, with rich tones of mahogany. Aroma; exotic vanilla and cocoa beans, spicy amber and cinnamon, with violet and iris floral notes. Taste; Hints of orange, apricot and pear with subtle spices and rich vanilla notes. Finish; very long and mellow.